What are dental lasers and what can you do?

Lasers have opened up revolutionary application possibilities in many areas of medicine for many years. Lasers have also long since established themselves in dentistry. This applies mainly to endodontics, surgery, PA treatment, wound healing, infection control, pain therapy and many more.

The word "laser" is the abbreviation for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation".

The diode laser is the laser for soft tissue applications and is known as the all-rounder among dental lasers. It works with a wavelength of 810 nm, which is ideal for dental use. The use of such a laser device makes the treatment of many indications more effective, more gentle, faster and easier.

Diode lasers with their extensive therapy possibilities represent a completely new class in dentistry. In addition to their use in periodontology, endodontics and implantology surgery, low-level laser therapies (LLLT) are at the center of attention.

For example, it can "nip in the bud" an emerging periodontal disease, accelerate the healing of a lip blister (herpes), smooth scars or stop bleeding.

In addition, the diode-dental laser offers the possibility of "laser power bleaching", with which even strongly discoloured teeth can be brightly whitened in just one session.
Is the laser treatment painless?

The laser treatment is accompanied by a slight warming of the tissue, which many patients find pleasant. The laser can cause a "tickle", the treatment as a whole is painless.

What does the laser treatment cost?
Although the treatment with the dental laser is scientifically recognized, it cannot be charged to the health insurance. For you as a patient this means: If you would like to benefit from the advantages of laser treatment, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Laser therapy schematic

Root canal treatment with laser
Root canal treatment with laser
Periodontitis therapy with laser
Periodontitis therapy with laser
Surgery with laser
Surgery with laser

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