Intraoral and fluorescence camera

Intraoral and fluorescence camera

Patient communication, caries diagnostics and documentation in one.

"Insufficient amalgam filling mod, 26 initial caries occlusal, approximal caries 25, secondary caries distal at crown margin 46 and gingivitis at mandibular front..."

What does the dentist actually mean by that and why do I have to have it all treated now?

Such situations unfortunately occur all too often and only surprise in very extreme cases. The patient should not be left alone at this point, it is necessary that a detailed explanation takes place and that the findings are visualized using the most modern diagnostic procedures currently available in dentistry to make them understandable to the patient.

Whether for normal intraoral or macroscopic magnification images, the VistaCam iX also supports the user in caries diagnosis. Here, the so-called Proof Change Head is used, which makes caries and plaque visible. The visualization is possible by fluorescence and allows additionally qualitative statements about the degree of the carious lesions by a numerical software evaluation on the PC. As with other diseases, the key to success lies in prevention and early detection.

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Intraoral and fluorescence camera
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Intraoral and fluorescence camera

Detailed and objective documentation belongs ever more to the dental everyday life, in particular since the Knauserigkeit of the health insurance companies increased and often only a valid documentation can save the patient from a achievement exclusion. Do you still have questions?

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