Autologous blood therapy with plasma (A-PRF/I-PRF)

Autologous blood therapy with plasma (A-PRF/I-PRF)

We use the self-healing powers of your body. In many dental treatments, such as surgical procedures, there are open wounds in the oral cavity, such as a tooth extraction or implantation. Healing takes time as they say, but what if wound healing can be accelerated by using your own growth factors.

Autologous blood therapy makes use of exactly this advantage. It is an inexpensive, efficient, gentle and biological method for improving wound healing and better tissue and bone formation.

At smileDentity, we offer autologous blood therapy according to the A-PRF/I-PRF method by Dr. Joseph Choukroun at the request of our patients.

How does eione autologous blood therapy work

The A-PRF/I-PRF procedure : No artificial additives only the body's own material

A-PRF "advanced platelet rich fibrin" is a highly cross-linked fibrin matrix with a high content of leukocytes and growth factors. This allows your wound to be quickly and efficiently supplied with the right building materials for tissue and bone regeneration. I-PRF "injectable platelet rich fibrin" is the more liquid injectable counterpart. All we need is a small amount of your blood.

The components relevant for wound healing are isolated from your blood using an electronic centrifuge and then used directly for your wound care.

When is autologous blood therapy used?

  • Soft tissue surgery such as gum lifts or soft tissue relinings
  • periodontal therapy
  • bone augmentation
  • implantations
  • Filling of tooth compartments after extraction
  • In case of wound healing disorders after tooth extraction

Advantages of autologous blood therapy

  • better and faster wound healing
  • biological method, because 100% body own material
  • no allergies
  • no rejection reactions
  • less swelling
  • less postoperative pain
  • less risk of wound infection
  • faster and better regeneration of bone and soft tissue
  • faster osseointegration/healing of implants
  • better esthetic results in reconstruction of soft tissue
  • gentle and cost-effective without expensive foreign materials

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Autologous blood therapy with plasma in Dreieich

At smileDentity, minimally invasive and gentle treatment techniques are in the foreground, which is why we follow the trend of biological dentistry to provide our patients with holistic, natural dental care that prevents diseases, sensitivity disorders or allergies, or alleviates existing symptoms and complaints.

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