Digital radiography

Digital radiography

Digital X-ray technology is modern, fast and precise! Faster diagnoses, better communication with the patient or referring colleagues and, above all, up to 90% reduced radiation exposure make digital X-ray technology an irreplaceable diagnostic procedure in dentistry.

In contrast to the conventional procedure, digital x-raying exposes a special storage plate, which then transmits the data to the computer. Within seconds, the x-ray software converts the data into an extremely sharp image. A clear advantage of digital X-raying is that the X-ray image can be processed further, so that brightness, contrast and sharpness can be changed and more information can be provided to the dentist for his diagnosis.

Just as today images and information are sent rapidly from computer to computer via email or wireless lan to tablet PCs and smartphones, this can also be realized with a digital X-ray image. We will discuss your X-ray image with you on the iPad and send it to you by email to your home.

Dental x-ray diagnostics are essential to complete the clinical findings and help to identify and treat diseases of the mouth, jaw and face. Prosthetic and aesthetic-reconstructive treatments can be planned long-term and safely with this diagnostic technique.

Some images must be taken regularly as a preventive measure or on the slightest suspicion, as this is the only way to detect destructive processes that destroy the body substance at an early stage and to treat them minimally invasively. Cancer is not a rare occurrence in the head and neck area, however, without an x-ray it would not be possible to detect space-consuming processes such as tumour-like processes in their early stages. Early detection saves lives in such cases and teeth in other cases.

Things to know about "Digital radiography"

A digital radiography of the dentition including bony structures such as the maxillary sinuses and temporomandibular joints (orthopantomography) has a lower radiation exposure than half an hour flight time at an altitude of 11,000 meters. This means that a person on a flight from Frankfurt to New York experiences 16 times the radiation dose compared to such a digital radiography.

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Digital radiography
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Digital radiography

When was the last time you had a digital X-ray of your teeth or your complete dentition taken? Longer than 2 years? Ask us when and at what minimum time such images should be taken.
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