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Halitosis therapy

Halitosis therapy - the therapy for fresh breath

The bad breath (halitosis) is today scientifically well researched. It is known that bad breath is caused in up to 90% of all cases by anaerobic bacteria (bacteria living without oxygen) in the mouth and throat.

The main causes of bad breath are bacterial tongue plaque, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium), carious lesions, leaking dentures and xerostomia (insufficient salivation).

Self it is very difficult to determine one's own bad breath. For this reason it should be clarified by an expert.

An efficient halitosis therapy includes:

  • individual prophylactic measures
  • gingivitis therapy
  • periodontal therapy
  • supportive parodonal therapy
  • filling therapy
  • prosthetic therapy
  • therapy of dry mouth
  • temporary adjuvant therapy

Organoleptic measurement of halitosis

Organoleptic measurement is an assessment of bad breath and classification into degrees of severity by the olfactory sense of the practitioner. The professional assessment of halitosis is carried out on a five-step scale. In rare cases, the patient believes to suffer from halitosis, but in fact it is not present at all. More often, however, it is the other way round. A detailed diagnosis is indicated here.

Therapy of halitosis

As soon as the oral (in the oral cavity) cause of halitosis is confirmed, the therapy should be specifically initiated. The primary aim is to reduce the microorganisms in the various ecological niches of the mouth, the secondary aim is to reduce the bacterial nutrient supply and the tertiary aim is to convert the odour-intensive hydrogen sulphide compounds into the non-volatile sulphur compounds.

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Halitosis therapy
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smileDentity Halitosis therapy

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