Bleaching - How to get brilliant white teeth

Bleaching is a method to help the natural tooth colour or to make your teeth appear bright white again. A 100% success cannot be guaranteed.

Discoloration of the teeth can have different causes: In the course of time, nicotine, caffeine or tannin, which is contained in wine, are deposited in the crystal structure of the tooth enamel. Drugs (e.g. tetracycline) and trace elements (e.g. too much fluoride) can also cause stains. Finally, the individual tooth colour becomes darker with age. In such cases, bleaching treatment may be the right therapy. In any case, a professional tooth cleaning must be carried out before a bleaching treatment. In this way, the actual situation can be better assessed again and documented photographically.

Before teeth whitening your teeth should also be examined for their condition and health, because dark or yellowish tooth colors can also have pathological causes in individual cases or caries and leaky fillings must be clarified and treated beforehand. The state of health of the gums must also be examined. The bleaching agents only work on natural tooth substance, i.e. conversely, dental prostheses (crowns, partial crowns and bridges) will not react to the bleaching treatment.

The colour of even existing plastic fillings in the anterior region will not change. In such a case, the fillings should be replaced. For this reason, a treatment must be planned exactly in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.


Home Bleaching

After taking an impression of your teeth, an individually adapted thin, transparent, very flexible plastic splint is created for you. Already in a 2nd session you get this after fitting with the appropriate Home Bleaching Whitening Gel home. You will be instructed exactly how to use it. The splints loaded with the bleaching gel are worn daily for at least 2 - 8 hours without interruption. The treatment can be carried out for a maximum of 6 weeks. In between, the bleaching success should be checked by the dentist.

This method is somewhat time-consuming, as the bleaching gel is much lower than the bleaching gel directly used in practice. The bleaching results are nevertheless very nice and even.

Office Bleaching

Also called Power Bleaching. Here, the high-percentage bleaching gel 37% Carbamide Peroxide is applied directly to the teeth under expert supervision. The gums are covered with a liquid dam and thus protected. The high-percentage bleaching gel should not come into contact with the oral mucosa.

The procedure can be repeated up to three times in one session. A final fluoridation of the bleached teeth is urgently necessary. The number of such sessions is determined individually. With this method you will get a bright white smile much faster.

Laser-Power Bleaching

This method is identical to the previously described method except for the additional use of our soft laser. The laser forces the hydroxyl radical release and thus intensifies the bleaching effect.

In some circumstances, fewer treatment sessions may be necessary, as the bleaching success achieved is sufficient for the patient. Even strongly discoloured teeth become bright white within one treatment session.

Risks of bleaching

Long-term examinations have shown that professional bleaching does not usually damage the teeth. You also do not have to worry about your fillings, crowns or veneers, as the bleaching agent normally does not attack them. However, as already mentioned above, there may be differences in colour between the natural teeth and the new teeth, which may be planned anyway and would be adapted to the shade situation.

After the treatment, the teeth may become hypersensitive, but this will disappear by itself after a short time. Bleaching involves removing water from the teeth, which leads to hypersensitivity. As soon as the treatment is completed, however, the teeth quickly store the missing water again.

General rule:

If you have opted for bleaching, your teeth should be healthy and free of tooth decay. We will be happy to advise you, even with home bleaching, to make sure that you have been able to clarify your questions comprehensively. So you can look forward calmly to the whitening of your teeth and the better life feeling connected with it.

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Bleaching is a method to help the natural tooth colour or to make your teeth appear bright white again. Contact us and arrange a personal consultation.
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