Regenerative methods and therapies

Regenerative methods and therapies

Regeneration is a complete restoration of lost structures. This is not always possible, for example, in the case of periodontitis treatment, but modern regenerative materials can be used to fill bone defects of a certain size or to stimulate fibers and cells of the periodontium to regenerate.

Only scientifically proven high-quality materials are used, which provide a very good predictable treatment result in the corresponding treatment cases.
After a while, the materials completely resorb and are completely replaced by the body's own regenerated tissue. This means that no further surgical intervention is necessary to remove the material.

Regenerative Therapy with Bio-Oss® and Bio-Gide®

PBio-Oss® and Bio-Gide® both products from Geistlich have many years of success in regeneration therapy. The Bio-Gide® membrane is positioned over the Bio-Oss® bone graft substitute. The bone regeneration takes place undisturbed within 3-6 months.

These measures are also necessary if teeth can no longer be preserved and are to be replaced by implants. Especially after tooth removal, bone regeneration measures are necessary, since the remaining tissues tend to hard and soft tissue collapse. This would dramatically worsen the anatomical conditions and thus the basic prerequisite for esthetic and functional dentures. The continuity of the jaw including its hard and soft tissue can be maintained by a surgical intervention which is limited to the extremely careful removal of the tooth which can no longer be preserved and the filling of the resulting defect.

This method, known in dentistry as socket reservation, is generally recommended, even if "only" a bridge restoration is planned instead of a later implant. During the regeneration and healing phase, you will be offered appropriate temporary solutions. Since the maturation of the tissue takes time, some patience is required at this point. The final prosthesis should be waited until the conditions are almost perfect. If the prosthesis is finally integrated, it should represent a perfect rehabilitation of the natural conditions from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The fast way to a dental prosthesis does not make sense at this point and in any case leads to a much worse result.

Regenerative therapy with an enamel matrix protein (Emdogain®)

In classical periodontology and plastic periodontal surgery, adjuvant clinical use of enamel matrix proteins is considered safe, even after repeated use. Treatments with enamel matrix proteins show both improved regeneration and healing processes as well as an increased reduction of gum pocket depths with a firm connection of the periodontium to the tooth root surface. Naturally guided regeneration with Emdogain® from Straumann helps save and preserve your teeth.

Your therapist plans a specially tailored regenerative therapy with you.

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Emdogain - Regenerative processes
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Regenerative processes

Regeneration is a complete restoration of lost structures. This is not always possible in the case of periodontitis, for example. Your dentist will plan with you a regenerative therapy specially tailored to your needs.
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