Gumlift - A minimally invasive, low-pain procedure for gum recession.


A minimally invasive, low-pain procedure for gum recession.

From pain-sensitive teeth to unaesthetic-looking and long exposed necks of teeth. The recession of the gums was long considered irreversible. Many techniques of so-called recession coverage are still very costly, technique-sensitive, lengthy, subject to an increased risk of morbidity and thus low patient acceptance.

With the gum lift technique, the shrunken gums can be returned to their original position.

The secret of a perfect and healthy smile lies in a harmonious course of the gums. Our smileDentity practitioners are focused on the optimal aesthetic result of your smile in every treatment step. What is too little on one tooth and needs to be lifted may well be too much on other teeth and will then be recontoured accordingly. In the end, the harmonious overall result is what counts.

Causes of gum recession

Gum recession can have various causes. Primary are:

  • incorrect brushing technique, manipulations, piercings
  • grinding and pressing
  • bad crown margins
  • orthodontic treatments
  • periodontitis
  • eating and drinking habits

When gum recession is present in the non-visible area, it is not so much the aesthetic concerns that justify this intervention, but more the sensitive, exposed and therefore unprotected root surface or the gums that are too thin and irritated at the site. The gum lift technique is also suitable for creating better soft tissue conditions in implants in order to counteract implant loss after years. Accordingly, gum thickening can be performed via this procedure.

Advantages of a gum lift

  • Minimally invasive technique with delicate instruments without a graft
  • Little to no pain with fast healing and therefore no downtime for the patient
  • Short treatment time approx.30-60 min depending on extent
  • Low risk of infection for the patient
  • Excellent aesthetic and permanently stable results

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Gumlift in Dreieich

Our gumlift specialist Andreas Haas | M.Sc. | dentist discusses the therapy indicated for our patients with the appropriate technique after a detailed diagnosis. With a safe experienced hand to a perfect smile.

At the same time, our dental hygienists support and advise our gum lift patients on oral hygiene and dietary habits in order to maintain the achieved results for a long time.

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