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Endodontics / Root canal treatment

"Getting to the root of evil" - a saying that can be taken literally in endodontology.

Endodontology is a special field of dentistry. The most frequent treatments in endodontics are root canal treatments. Root canal treatment serves to preserve teeth, which is increasingly the focus of interest for many patients as a result of increasing health awareness. Unfortunately, most patients associate root canal treatment with severe pain. What many do not know is that neither such a treatment nor the time after it should be painful.

A slight pressure or a dull unfamiliar feeling a few days after the treatment is a good sign and only describes the healing process taking place. For some patients a light painkiller may be useful in such cases, but experience has shown that it is usually not used. With smileDentity you will be informed in detail about the treatment and your special diagnosis. In addition also the behavior belongs after the treatment and/or possibly appearing accompanying symptoms.

The better you are informed, the safer you will feel and the resulting confidence in your dentist and in the chosen form of therapy will have a positive effect on the healing process.
In the case of a highly acute form of inflamed dental nerve, initial root canal treatment can sometimes be very painful, which is due to the fact that the injected anaesthetic is very quickly removed from the extremely heavily perfused and inflamed area. The practitioners are experienced in this situation and will keep this unpleasant phase as short as possible.

The own tooth is better than an artificial tooth to a certain degree of destruction. An irreversibly damaged or inflamed tooth can be saved by root canal treatment, in which the inflamed nerve is completely removed and all root canals of the affected tooth are perfectly cleaned to stop the inflammation.

An absolutely germ-free condition of the root canal system is achieved by physically activated antiseptic rinses and a targeted laser therapy.

Electronic length measurements and mechanical preparation with high-quality nickel-titanium instruments allow the canal system to be filled exactly to the root apex of the tooth.

Only the absolutely sterile condition and the three-dimensional filling with a thermoplastic sealing material up to the apex guarantee tooth preservation in the long term.
A successfully completed root canal treatment is usually followed by prosthetic treatment. The treatment with at least one partial crown is a must in many cases. As long as the root-treated tooth is not sufficiently stabilized and protected, there is a risk of fracture and tooth loss.

If the root canal treatment and the prosthetic follow-up treatment have been successful, a tooth treated in this way can basically be preserved for just as long as teeth not treated with roots - ideally for a lifetime.


Revision treatment

Very often root canal treated teeth are the cause for recurring pain. This so-called recurrence occurs when bacteria either remain in the already treated canal system or have migrated again. Direct careful work reduces the risk of recurrence. Inflammation, no matter where it is located, is always a burden and a danger for the body. Even if a relapse does not necessarily cause pain, it should be treated.

In detail, the old root canal filling is removed, the canal system is cleaned and disinfected again and a new root canal filling is inserted. The revision treatment is not painful and is rather boring compared to other treatments.

If the inflammation disappears after the revision treatment, the chances of success for these teeth are very good.


In a root tip resection, the inflamed recurrent area around the root tip together with the root tip is removed in a surgical procedure. According to the latest findings, the indication for a root tip resection has been severely restricted. This means that if no freedom from inflammation has been achieved with a root treatment, the chances of achieving this with a root tip resection are very low. Revision treatment is the therapy of choice here.


The extraction - the extraction of the tooth is in some rare cases, however, the more sensible solution. If the prognosis of a tooth is bad for whatever reason, this compromised tooth should be removed promptly to stop the bone dissolution in the jaw caused by the inflammation. Today, even after the removal of a tooth, there are very comfortable solutions to maintain the closed row of teeth. The dentists of smileDentity will show you different therapy options.

Time, Experience, Expertise and Skill

Root treatments require a great deal of time, experience, expertise and skill. Since the morphology of each tooth is different, root canal treatment is always individual and different.

Thanks to modern methods, the success rate of such a therapy has increased many times over. Nevertheless there is unfortunately no guarantee for the long-term success of this therapy.

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Endodontics / Root canal treatment
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