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Tooth Pain Management

Particularly anxious or painful patients will experience particularly gentle and painless forms of treatment with smileDentity.

Tooth pain is one of the most common types of pain. As toothaches usually do not get better if you just wait and see, but rather get worse, a timely visit to the dentist is advisable. However, it is often the fear of painful treatment that prevents many people from going to the dentist. Pain treatment in dentistry is an extremely demanding field.

Every dentist should know how to do it, because it is precisely here that a special sure instinct and empathy is required in addition to experience and dental skills. A patient with severe toothache is in a stress situation and he needs help, only the trained calming contact by the dental staff and the dentist can alleviate the stress situation and thus enable the pending necessary treatment.

SmileDentity offers particularly gentle and painless forms of treatment for particularly anxious or painful patients. Only the computer-controlled anaesthesia technique STA, which is used as standard in smileDentity, makes the anaesthesia as pleasant and painless as possible. Salmon gas sedation is another adjuvant sedation method in addition to local anaesthesia and brings the patient into a very relaxed and anxiety-free state. Nevertheless, he is responsive and conscious.

Causes of toothache include lack of enamel, tooth decay or inflammatory diseases such as periodontitis, but also mechanical injuries and damage can cause toothache. A detailed pain anamnesis, a targeted clinical and radiological finding provide information about the cause of the pain. The diagnosis is usually followed by pain treatment immediately after the patient has been informed. The elimination of pain is the first priority for this treatment session. Very often, however, further follow-up treatments are necessary, which should not be unnecessarily delayed. A direct appointment is also recommended from a purely psychological point of view.

In some cases, a bacterial infection in the tooth can develop into an abscess. It is a purulent inflammation that can be accompanied by swelling, redness, throbbing pain, difficulty swallowing and even fever. There are different types of abscess depending on their localization. Abscesses can spread to the mouth, jaw, face and neck. A dentist must be consulted urgently in all cases. Abscesses occur extremely rarely in patients who regularly visit the dentist.

Most of the time, the situation is already pretty bad when a toothache occurs, but that doesn't mean that it has to be too late. The loss of a tooth is the last thing in the list and even then there are very good, but somewhat more cost-intensive treatment options. Before tooth extraction, modern dentistry makes it possible to use some tooth-conserving forms of therapy that should be exhausted in any case.

The own tooth is to a certain extent more valuable than an artificial tooth. An early visit to the dentist gives the patient and the dentist more room for manoeuvre and decision-making with regard to the therapy.


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