Salmon gas sedation

 Nitrous oxide sedation

What is nitrous oxide?

Laughing gas has been used in medicine with great success for more than 150 years. The chemical name is nitrous oxide or N2O for short. You receive the laughing gas by means of a special device. The laughing gas is mixed with oxygen using a mixer called a flowmeter. An agreement with you about the concentration of the gas together is even possible during the treatment.

The patient is aware of the entire treatment and says how he feels. The laughing gas is administered via a special nose mask which is worn during the entire treatment. The nasal masks are very comfortable and give the treatment a pleasant and pleasant character due to their various scents.

How does laughing gas work?

Nitrous oxide has a calming, anxiety-reducing and pain-relieving effect at the same time. However, you never lose consciousness and are responsive throughout the treatment.

After the treatment you inhale pure oxygen for 3 minutes and the effect disappears shortly after. You are back on the road again. An accompanying person is therefore not necessary.

How safe is nitrous oxide sedation?

Dental sedation with nitrous oxide is a safe and proven procedure and has long been part of everyday life in many countries. This is demonstrated by the example of the USA, where the use of nitrous oxide  is standard in most dental practices.

Because of the high level of safety, this treatment method is also very suitable for children and helps to prevent dental anxiety in the first place.

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Salmon gas sedation
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Nitrous oxide sedation

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