Anxiety patients

Anxiety patients

Fear of the dentist - who doesn't know it? And who likes to go there?

Dental anxiety is widespread among both children and adults. However, the situation of such a patient worsens every year without going to the dentist more and more. Sovereignty and self-confidence give way to increasing fear and shame. If it is not possible to find access to the patient here, the condition of the teeth will deteriorate dramatically and can only be eradicated by costly and time-consuming treatment.

For anxiety patients it is recommended to gradually approach the patient. In three phases to treatment is a proven method. When making your first appointment, please let us know that you are an anxiety patient, so that your appointments can be made according to the corresponding phase model.

In the first phase you will only get to know your dentist and discuss your fears and experiences with him at eye level in a completely neutral environment without dental equipment. With the aim of taking away your fear of the dentist, all possibilities will be explained to you in detail. The dentist will get to know you and will be able to assess which special treatment methods are suitable for you on the basis of his experience with anxiety patients. On this day you will not be on the patient chair!

In the second phase, a preliminary examination takes place in which all relevant findings are collected. The individual treatment strategy will be discussed with you in consideration of your anxiety.

In the third phase, the patient usually has overcome his anxiety and dental treatment can be easily performed. Nevertheless, the measures previously discussed with the patient and desired to reduce anxiety are used to support the treatment.

In some cases, the application of the STA® - computer-controlled anaesthesia technique alone is sufficient, since the main anxiety factor can be attributed to the anaesthetic injection. This completely new type of local anaesthesia is almost painless and reduces anxiety. Thus, even during normal tooth cleaning, if desired localized anesthetic points can be set to make them as pleasant as possible.

A much greater reduction of anxiety takes place in salmon gas sedation. While the soothing laughing gas is inhaled through a nose mask, your dental treatment can be carried out at rest. During the complete treatment you will be awake and responsive.

Further measures such as treatment under IV sedation or intubation anaesthesia are carried out together with an experienced anaesthetist. Such treatments have to be planned more elaborately and require a general medical examination. These methods differ from the previously mentioned ones in the degree of sedation. The patient is either in twilight sleep or even asleep.

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Anxiety patients
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Anxiety patients

Dental anxiety is widespread among both children and adults. It doesn't have to be. We have appropriate treatment methods. Contact us and let us advise you without obligation.
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